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Struggling with your study routine? Here’s how to indulge in some effective learning easily!

Effective studying or say better reading ability is not always an inborn skill or a magic, rather it is a skill that can be developed and improved through regular practice and guidance. Generally the study guides available at library or online limit their content to topics of stress management, schedule creation, memorization and good time management. However, there is a lot more to follow and explore that could foster better understanding of ideas and information. Before we talk about on some smart tips and strategies that can help you with your struggle to achieving good grades or performing well, let us explore what is a study guide and how can they help in better learning

What is a study guide?

A resourceful study guide can act as a blessing in disguise before you begin your preparation for an examination. There can be different variety of study guides; however the assumptions underlying their usage are more or less similar. A study guide’s purpose is to provide an easy means to learning that could facilitate effective comprehension and understanding.

According to an academic research scholar Tutolo,“a study guide is a tool that helps in preparation required before reading a comprehensive text. In addition to acting aid in studying, study guides also act as a model that could help them on how to develop better reading and learning skill that can go a long way in life.” What is the purpose of a study guide?

The varying purpose behind usage of a study guide can be modeled to suit a text or any other curriculum objectives. They may be used to increase familiarity on what information is about to follow in a particular piece of text on how to master the art of better understanding while reading any piece of information. Some guides are also designed to provide assistance in understanding vocabulary or usage of particular phrases that are unconventional or cater to use in certain subjects only.

Smart Tricks to follow for effective studying

• Instead of blindly cramming, make an effort to understand the concept that can help you actually understand what is being talked about. If you learn it you can always put it down in your own words.

• Always plan out before hand as how much time and what topics you will have to chalk out before beginning a studying session. When caught up with something urgent, manage to take out some extra time by either cutting down your TV or playing routine to go through the missed out topics.

• Lack of interest and other distractions can lead you procrastinate things for future. But understand that it will pile up things for future making it more difficult to manage at a later time.

• Keep yourself fit and healthy by following a good diet routine and by taking adequate sleep so that you don’t face any health casualties that can disturb your study pattern.

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